How important are post completion services

We all goes through this phase at some point of time may be not in the same field but in different areas. Think you bought a Laptop of a good brand and after a month you start facing some issues with it and you call the dealer and they don’t pay attention to it or you asked a carpenter to install a new door and then after a month you start facing some issues with it, what do you expect?

At SEOIngenious we pay equal attention to our old customers as we pay to the new, because they were new at certain point of time. Our responsibility toward them is more as they bought services from us. This is just a matter of paying an attention as most of the times issues are so small that it can get sorted while taking to them over the phone.

Post completion services are threads which connects us with our patrons. Companies spend huge budgets for the business development but very few have a retention departments. You need to spend huge for the retention specially when you are delivering the quality services/products, only 10% of business development budget would be more then enough and can get you amazing results over the years.

You always recommend a person who went little extra to get your issue resolved, this is a huge plus they can get you more by recommending to others, there is saying make your customer happy and they will keep you in business.

We know all the customers are not alike and you may come across people those who are always looking for free services and you will come to know these type of customer in couple of meetings and simply weed them out but the percentage of these customers are only 1%-2%. Just because of these 1%-2% percentage customers we cannot see the rest of 99% with the same lens. We believe in post completion services and our 35% of new business comes from them. We always emphasis and give an equal or more attention to our old patrons. While taking customers on board we mention in our contracts that 1-6 months of post completion services will be there depending on the nature of work/project. If you are looking for a company which can offer all at one place paying equal attention to you then try us out 🙂