What are the reason for project delays

Well, if you are an IT company I am sure you definitely are looking for an answer to this. In every IT company almost 90% of their projects get delayed did you ever tried to figure out why??

Before we go ahead and find a solution to it, lets focus on what could be the possible reason for the delays. I am sure it’s not always your execution team. Lets go step by step to find them

Lack of clarity: Generally most of the times when you are dealing with an individual clients, they have an idea what they want but this is something in the air, for them it’s 100% because most of them are not technical enough so they don’t know what could be the complexities.

Lack of Time: Customers spends many weeks or months planning and when they come to you they want things to happen quickly, because they have a pressure to beat their competitors and capture the market as soon as they can. With their 100% which is often only 40%-60% for an IT professionals they seek a delivery date and sometimes they have already planned the date before coming to you.

Lack of Planning: Most of the company without complete understanding agree to customers date of delivery or give any random date for delivery due to cut throat competition in the industry. Without proper research the projects are kicked off and team have a pressure to complete.

Ever Changing Requirements: When the first concepts or demo’s are shown to the customers firstly they love it and then compare it with their competitors, this is the very first moment when more ideas click to their minds. As most of the customers are not technical enough so for them it’s a matter of simply changing or adding things but it’s not that simply always.

Lack of Interest: When you are interviewing hire people those are mad about coding, it is considered as monotonous field where people loose interest.

These are major points considered to be the main reason of delays and if you have found an answer to these then I am sure you can avoid at least 80% of the project delays.