SEO and Development are dependent

To earn from the internet it is not necessary to have an ecommerce site, even a simple content based or an html based site can earn. To get started with this all you need to have an aesthetic site quality content and, need not to have a complicated and very hi-fi site. If you a quality information that is more then enough. There may be people searching for it over internet.

But what if you have a good site with quality info in it but people can’t see it?

When we need any info whether it is ordering food online or looking for a plumber, we take internets help. A single word can fetch millions of results and list them for us but ask a question to yourselves how many times you crossed the first few pages to look for the info? I am sure the answer to this questions is ‘no’. Nobody crossed the first 2-3 pages in search engines to look for the info they want, rather people prefer to modify the searches. Now who so ever dominates these searches are earning ROI.

If you have a site and it is not appearing in the search engines then it is almost equal to have no site, rather worse. To get the ROI we recommend to have a site and then have a proper SEO done on the site. There are different modes to drive traffic towards the site. Once we have a site we consider that we have a web presence but this web presence can’t do anything independently, there must be a proper SEO done for the site. Unless the SEO is not done on site the probability of appearing in the searches would be less then 1%, now you can imagine that by just having a site will not necessarily get you visitors. But if you don’t have a site then SEO can’t do anything these both goes hand in hand.