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Project Brief

cons Mind is a popular online icon store, dedicated to creating high quality SVG icons for iOS tab bars, toolbars, Android, Windows Mobile, websites and more. Despite a gamut of creativity and expertise, the client had no company website and thus was losing a lot of potential business opportunities. Time for a brand presence!

Icons Mind placed a lot of trust in gretna to develop their first website and showcase their award-winning work to the world. We worked closely with their marketing department to improve the usability of their design and build out an innovative site, complete with extensive, high end functionalities.


We enjoyed being in discussion with Tal Revivo (CEO & Founder of Icons Mind) and team during the planning process, based on what we proceeded in research.

The purpose of this project was to:
  • Create a new brand identity for an existing company portal.
  • Ensure the new brand identity is relevant, creative, polished and professional.
  • Ensure the new brand identity represents the company’s values and community’s aspirations.

Part of the brief from our client, was to position the Icons Mind as premium brand, so we explored more on the same grounds from other industries.


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